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Saba Khan Painting..London, offers you contemporary paintings and drawings for sale by Saba. We also offer ArtEase Workshops, ArtEase Studios and ArtEase Consult


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Enjoy Saba's vibrant art in your space.


Saba makes striking, powerful contemporary oil and mixed media paintings and drawings that explore random, surreal, moments in our sensual, emotional and geopolitical lives,




Read artist statement and biography to learn more about her work.




                                                                                    ArtEase Workshops, solutions for the workplace

Saba Khan Painting...London offer, ArtEase Workshops, intelligent consultancy solutions using creative  methods for businesscorporationspublic sector organisations and charities. Workshops unlock creative potential and fresh thinking.and you will gain new ways to add value to work. 

Self Portrait called History (oil on canvas)
ArtEase Workshops can: improve company culture, communctions, team dynamics, project management and much more. The process of creating will also enhance motivation and instill a sense of achievement, confidence and feelings of appreciation and being valued in participants.  


You can gain from individual ArtEase Workshops or a longer term ArtEase Studio 


Working with public and voluntary sector service users


ArtEase also works with small groups of vunerable adults and young people workshops to explore themes of their choice. Making art can liberate feelings and thoughts that sometimes we don't even know we have. Particpants begin to understand themselves and the world around them and become more confident in the contributions they can make to society.


ArtEase Studio

As part of ArtEase Studio Saba will set up a open studio at your office for 3 months or longer and work with your managers to achieve organisation goals using creative workshops and art classes. She can also provide creative talks, opportunities to entertain clients with visits to her open studio and should you require it organise art exhibitions. 

                                                                                     ArtEase Consult

Saba has 15 years extensive experience delivering communications, marketing and fundraising products and strategies for the public and voluntary sector in the UK and Europe. She can provide consultancy advice and give training workshops on art, developing accessible communications and fundraising.    




If you would like to buy art or book ArtEase Workshops, ArtEase Studio or take advantage of ArtEase Consult, email Thomas.