Saba's biography - a written portrait

Saba’s painting is intuitive and sensual, exploring the shapes and colours of the seen and unseen worlds of pain, emotion, energy, spirit and the subconscious experience of existing simultaneously in mind, body, spirit and physical spaces.


Through bold colour and unsettling yet settling imagery, her work subtly notes the random, emotional and political choices people make in a world that does not always benefit the majority. Committed to the belief that the seen, unseen, human and natural worlds are interdependent and interconnected, Saba comments on how obsession with individualism and the world of the senses has led to the fragmentation of nature, community, family, body and personality. Without making moral judgements, she questions the nature of fragmentation as a decaying and creative force. Her paintings remain optimistic as there is the rendering of beauty and a mood of hope and recovery in her work.


Saba is a self taught artist with 27 years experience in the voluntary and public sectors focusing on accessible communications, fundraising, integration, human rights and equalities issues, (particularly violence, race, disability, asylum and refugee rights). She holds an MA in International Relations where she examined the manipulation of the arts and discourse in the rational development of torture as a discipline in the 20th century.  She also has BA (Hons) in Communications Studies where she explored film-making, creative writing, advertising, marketing and design. She advises public sector organisations on arts projrcts, communications and fundraising. 


Collections and commissions

Saba continues to attract the attention of many private collectors. She is currently developing a collection of paintings and drawings titled: I am not the whirlwind that surrounds me which examine surreal, subconscious moments in in our geopolitical lives and relationships.