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Draw, paint and see life differently!

ArtEase workshops increase success and wellbeing!

We are a caring, intelligent business with creative solutions to benefit you. Our value is in the transformative power of art and the creative mindful opportunities we bring you. Making art has positive effects on the brain. We want you to reclaim drawing, painting, sewing and much more through our ArtEase workshops for a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle.  



A mixed media workshop to give Carers a break on Carers Day

You will gain efficiency, sharper communication skills, stronger personal and working relationships, improved emotional intelligence and enhanced wellbeing. 


Encourage new ideas! Reward staff with a ArtEase still life class or workshop!    

Flower Talk (acrylic painting on paper) has been described as "breathtaking...ambrosia for the eyes".

Interested in ArtEase or a still life class? 


We would love to hear from you, email or telephone us on 0779695130 and we will develop ArtEase workshops just for you!



Buy Saba's paintings and drawings, to arrange a viewing or to buy a work, please telephone or email us.



Use ArtEase Consult for communiications and fundraising development!



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