ArtEase in Consult                            

Bespoke creative answers for your organsation

We believe art is transformative, rejuvinating and satisfying, bringing fresh thought and opportunities. Our guided creative process and bespoke artistic tools will help you to identify new solutions: thinking with both the heart and the mind.   


We can also help you to find artistic solutions by providing creative consultancy advice to meet your goals and objectives.


ArtEase in Consult - communications and fundraising 

For over 15 years, Saba has successfully delivered communcations, marketing, fundraising: products, strategies and events for charities and public sector in the UK and Europe. She offers advice on these areas, and can deliver training on accessible communications, events co-ordination and fundraising. Saba has expertise in accesible communcations, major donor, trusts and European fundraising.  


If you would like to use ArtEase in Consult or find out more about us, you can email Thomas.