The Water Series

The Water Series was on loan to Croydon Council for two years and exhibited at the Community Space, Bernard Wetherill House, 8 Mint Walk, CR0 1EA. 

Theme: during sleep the soul separates from the body and returns upon waking. This has been depicted through the fluid nature of water and and the urban human character of the River Thames.                           


The Water Series: Water One - Depth and Slumber, Water Two - Finding Joy, Water Three - Orgasm Water and Soul in Transit explore the journey to the sun of the soul through sleep. They reflect on the idea that:


'Even in sleep there is wakefulness'  (Rumi).


These works are oil paitings of the River Thames in London, they examine what may happen in the unknown worlds of sleep. During wakefulness, we are turned towards the world and we experience a material existence.  During sleep we are turned inwards and experience other enigmatic modes of existence.  We lose consciousness of the material world and receive a glimpse of other realms, including fitful and fleeting symbolic indicators (of the state of our souls) in the form of dreams.


‘For me, making art is about simultaneously engaging mind, body and physical spaces, where seen and unseen worlds intermingle and fluctuate'  (Saba)

If you would like to view this collection or would like purchase Saba's works you can contact Thomas here