Enjoy ArtEase at your organisation and find YOUR SleepEase

1 in 5 adults in the UK say that they have trouble sleeping


37% of adults say work reduces the control they have over sleep.


66% of adolescents say poor sleep negatively impacts their mental health

Women, Black, Asian and other minority ethnic adults are more likely to experience poor sleep.


The World Health Organisation has declared sleep deprevation as an emerging epidemic!


You don't have to be good at art, we just want you to enjoy making art!


Join me for one or more SleepEase sessions and find YOUR SleepEase!

Onsite or online SleepEase workshops help staff, clients, community groups and students, benefit from relaxing art workshops that improve their relationship with sleep and rest, and see it as a nourishing natural selfcare.


A lack of good quality sleep can lead to heart attacks, stroke and many other illnesses. Naturally it also impacts work productivity, happiness and positive mental helath. 


25% of adults say money worries impacts their sleep

26% of adults say Covid-19 negatively impacted their sleep                                                                                                      (Mental Health UK)

What is SleepEase?

Sleep in lockdown, oil on canvas by Saba Khan


SleepEase are onsite or online art sessions include:

  • NightEase 1- explore the concept of dusk, night, and dawn through the eyes of artists and poets and people of different faiths, beliefs, and traditions.
  • NightEase 2 - What does night tell us about selfcare?
  • The Bed - we look at the concept of the bed and bedroom though the eyes of artists such as Van Gogh, Frida Khalo, and Tracy Emin. 
  • Zzzz…Ease - become more comfortable with the idea of sleep, exploring sleep perception through the eyes of Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and other artists.
  • Sleep Hygiene Ease Learn good sleep hygiene as recommended by NHS, MIND and other experts. Improve your sleep environment and explore the concept of the bedroom through the work of Henri Matisse and Van Gogh.
  • Dream Ease - enjoy exploring lucid dreaming and Salvador Dali’s sleep method to make surreal art.

Do we have to take the whole SleepEase package?

No you can choose one workshop or more, it's your choice. We can also design SleepEase workshops more specific to your needs!.


To find out more or book SleepEase workshops please email Thomas.