What is ArtEase?

ArtEase vision: we believe that everyone should benefit from ease, good mental health, happiness, and have the creative space to reflect and achieve whatever they want.                                                                   ArtEase mission: we do this by providing creative artistic opportunities, workshops, studios, exhibitions and enjoyable safe spaces, for self-expression, learning, productivity, joy and wellbeing

Saba Khan

Art for work, life and Ease!

ArtEase is for organisations, businesses, learning spaces and the public.


We are a caring, intelligent business, with creative wellbeing solutions. Our value is in the transformative power of art and the exciting, mindful, creative workshops and studio experiences we can bring to you. 


Our workshops and studios are online or we can come to your space - your choice! We give you time to make art and learn about art techniques and artist's lives and reflect on issues and values important to you.


And, of course, art is good for your mental health and wellbeing! ArtEase brings you closer to being the best you can be.



A portrait made by a woman at a Croydon Council event  for older people to ease loneliness.


Reclaim traditional artistic methods: drawing, painting, sewing, collage and more at ArtEase workshops and studios. Discover new ideas for work, life and fun and improve your selfcare and wellness!

We have worked with amazing people!

We have worked with many big names, such as: Lazard, Camden Council, Croydon Council, Camden Society, Refugee Council, Royal National Institute of Blind People, F&B Forum, Mind, Inner Strenght Network, Mica Art Gallery, Mind, Asian Resource Centre of Croydon, BME Forum, AgeUK Croydon, CAYSH, Caabu - Advancing British Arab Relations, amongst, many others.


Saba also provides ArtEase Studio, where she will stay at your organisation for 3 months or more. Please email Thomas for more information.