ArtEase for charities and the public sector

"Working with Saba was an incredible experience she brought together creative experiences with life skills to support and voice young peoples struggles...the art produced by our young people was beyond my expectations. It set the benchmark at a grand level. I would highly recommend working with Saba and look forward to more exciting possibilities".                                                                                                                               CAYSH Life Skills Coordinator

Give your clients fun, art workshops where they can share ideas with you!

Draw and say what you think!


A drawing made at a ArtEase Workshop for the Camden Society 50th anniversary celebrations! The Camden Society work with adults with complex special needs.


A client draws a colourful hand to communicate what the Camden Society means for him: a place of friendship, joy, colour, togetherness, equality and diversity. 


Working with your values ArtEase can help your clients feel, happier, confident and a valued part of your community.  Our workshops offer creative opportunities to overcome isolation, meet and understand people of different backgrounds, find new methods of expression and allow clients to express the full, positive impact of your work.  Add a new twist to your projects and use art as a tool for evaluation.


Amongst other themes, clients can explore identity, leadership and work, relationships, place in society and the contributions they can make. Alternatively, we offer relaxing art workshops for fun and wellbeing.


Reward employees with ArtEase Workshops


Our workshops have great benefits for employees too, including: encouraging fresh ideas and new ways to see work, enhanced wellbeing, strengthening team dynamics, sharpening communication skills and dismantling work pressure. 




Staff at the Camden Society enjoy ArtEase workshops to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.





Staff can participate in fun art workshops that develop new policies, projects, marketing, campaigns and evaluate programmes. 


We also offer equality and diversity training through the study of portraiture and workshops to enhance your offices interiors. 


Saba in the charity and public sector

Mother and Child by Saba Khan (oil pastels on paper)

Saba has over 19 years experience in the social justice sector in UK and Europe. She brings this expertise to you and your clients. She will design workshops matching your values and needs.  


Saba has worked with big names such as Refugee Council, Camden Society, Royal National Institute for Blind People, 3FF, European Council for Refugees and Exiles, Commission for Racial Equality, Newham Asian Women's Project, Caabu - Advancing British Arab Relations, MFest, Muslim Festival of Cultures and Ideas, Camden, Women's Interfaith NetworkCroydon Council, Croydon Carers Day, Camden Council, Walthamstow Mela 2017 and many others.


Accessibility is important to us!


It is important to us that art be accessible to all and we work with people:

  • of all ages (including young and older people)
  • with special needs, including visually impaired people
  • carers
  • experiencing isolation and loneliness
  • seeking asylum and refugees
  • whose first language is not English,
  • in Urdu and Hindi if that suits you.

To book ArtEase workshops or ArtEase Studio, please email Thomas. 


Discounts with be provided on repeat bookings