ArtEase for business             

Draw at work, learn new powerful ways to work              

Flower Talk (for more details see works on paper)

Discover new working ideas and enjoy creative opportunities with ArtEase!


Making art is transformative, productive and fun! We want your organisation to reclaim traditional creative methods such as drawing, painting, collage, mixed media and sewing to inspire you to see work and life differently.


Your company values are our values!


Our guided workshops, studios and exhibitions focus on work themes and values chosen by you. We provide new, artisic, explorative experiences and creative mindfulness techniques that are intelligent, feel good and stay with you. We explore thematically relevant paintings and give you the opportunity to make art to develop ideas, whilst learning new art techniques.


A healthier working space and community with ArtEase

Bringing art into the workspace can create a healther and harmonious environment, ArtEase workshops and ArtEase Studio provide a guided, quiet, studio space for employees to think and release stress. We can also work with your CSR programmes bringing art to the community, or develop art exhibitions around values you and your clients hold.  


ArtEase can help you:

  • Entertain clients with art workshops, an onsite art studio and client/staff value-led exhibitions, 
  • strengthen and explore equality, inclusion and diversity policy using portraiture and the intersection between art and diversity,
  • further integrate and develop policy and company culture,
  • strengthen team dynamics,
  • strengthen employee engagement offering rewarding workshops,
  • resolve problems finding solutions using painting and mixed media
  • sharpen commmunication and observation skills through still life,
  • develop ideas for new and exisiting projects - engage with painting,
  • add insight to your marketing and communication campaigns, 
  • evaluate the impact of your programmes - using self-portrait interviews
  • improve emotional intelligence
  • provide employees with onsite art studio to release work pressure
  • ensure employees feel valued and benefit from enhanced wellbeing with onsite creative facilities.                                                                                                                                    

We will come to you and deliver one or more sessions or set up a ArtEase Studio for a few months.  We will listen to you and design workshops and studios that you will love and change the way you work forever.


Entertain clients and reward employees with an ArtEase Studio experience. 

We also offer a 3 to 6 month ArtEase Studio opportunity, including a mix of thematic ArtEase workshops, onsite open studio, talks and an exhibition.  


Saba will make art on your premises and keep a open studio for you to entertain clients and build stronger relationships. Should you require it, she will work with you to create a creative and inspiring environment for your clients by developing and curating an art exhibition on your premises.   

After he left for the mountains by Saba Khan (oil on canvas)





















For more information and prices please email Thomas.