Pandemic Closet

Launching new art collection made by Saba Khan in lockdown


This series of new works are calmer and quieter than what I usually make. They evoke nuances of something emotional, unknown, and dynamic. They also reference people and their lives, rather than including figures, as in my previous works.

Whilst shielding at home, I focused on the silence and noise of lockdown. When looking at the work, I want the viewer to experience emotions that are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. Not being able to access my studio meant that instead of working with oils, I explored acrylics, pencils, paper-cutting and to my surprise soft pastels.


I'd always disliked using soft pastels. After I lost my mother to Covid, all I wanted to do was to use soft pastels. I couldn’t understand why?  I trusted this need. It was only after creating three works in the ‘Mother and Child’ series, that I understood working with pastels brought ease. I the realised that pastels are dust, so it was only natural that my subconscious called to work with coloured dust, and I remembered “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”. It all made healing sense.


During times of crisis, I found calm and beauty in making the art. I hope you will be able to see love, joy, and ease in the work.


If you have enjoyed these works and  like to buy, pease do contact Thomas. You can also see other paper and canvas works here too!