Artist statement

'I make contemporary oil and mixed-media paintings and drawings that explore random, surreal moments in our emotional, spiritual, sensual, geopolitical lives. 


For me, making art is about simultaneous engagement with external and internal worlds of the mind, body, spirit and physical spaces. The art surface is where seen and unseen worlds intermingle and fluctuate.  I hope to experience many feelings and ideas and see new places and civilisations. This I can bring to the viewer. As I add and remove colour and texture, new environments emerge and are lost mirroring human existence. Concerned about a shiny, artificial, branded geopolitical world where the majority do not benefit, I eventually face an image that is both fragmenting and optimistic. It's like the beginning of something new yet familiar, that had always existed, but was not previously noticed.




I work on the principle of the ‘death of the author’, once a work is made, what I have experienced and expressed is dead and the onlooker interacts with a blank canvas where a new world ebbs and flows’. 


See a short film by the Muslim Institute of Saba talking about her solo exhibition Happy, Shiny. Fragmented People here.