New workshops for adults and children!

3 New ArtEase Wellbeing Programmes

Art sessions for  life, learning, work, and Ease


Take part in fun Art sessions that explore HER power, comfort, wellbeing and Ease.


These sessions are for all women and girls. We also have HerEase for students at college and/or university.


Make Art that brings Ease to your relationship with sleep! 


How have artists viewed slumber? Does this help us? Indulge in your dreams and improve your sleep hygiene.

People, Planet Ease

Create Art and find our how your wellbeing is connected to planet wellbeing. Learn from nature about self-care, healthy communities, and how artists used art and environment to improve their work, environment and health!

Fun wellbeing art for children!

Choose creative wellbeing workshops that children will love! Fun online workshops with artist Saba Khan that improve mental health, creativity, confidence and self expression! 


Workshops are designed for 6 to 12 year olds, but others can join too. We love to involve parents in our workshops if they wish to join the fun!

£40 for one workshop or £75 for two! Book here and we will get in touch!

Super You!

“I found out my superpower is learning. I didn’t just like it, I loved it!” Muhammed, 6-year-old


Much loved workshop' Super You!' improves mental health by building self-esteem, confidence, and self-expression. Children make thrilling self-portraits. They learn the power of valuing themselves and other people’s strengths.

I want to make a jungle!

" A wonderful, fun workshop, run by kind, wonderful, people!", Linda, 10 years old.


Using paper-cutting and painting techniques by Henri Matisse you will make your own fantastic jungle with trees, plants and animals!


Tree Tales with Van Gogh


"It was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!", Sam, 8 years old!


Using Van Goghs paintings for inspiration! Learn how trees talk to each other. Make paintings of your own trees, what tales will they tell us? 


"Thank you for a lovely workshop about trees, a big hug to you!".

A year 6 student at Robert Fitztroy Academy

Saba's Pandemic Closet

Launching Pandemic Closet, a vibrant, thought-provoking and sometimes meditative new art collection made by Saba in lockdown. 

This dynamic virtual exhibition showcases art Saba made while shielding, and also includes past works that impacted on the development process of new art. Her works and this virtual exhibition are centred around seven themes: 

  • Surreal ceramics
  • Flower-talk
  • Sleep
  • Our space with nature
  • Mother and child
  • Containment

'Super You' Is now available online!

"A super, wonderful art workshop run by incredible and  wonderful people!", Emily, 10 years old at Super You at Crystal Palace Football Club

ArtEase is proud to deliver our highly popular Super You! art workshop via Zoom! 


For 4 to 13 year olds, thiis thrilling workshop helps children realise their strengths, gain confidence, relax and have fun making art!  You wil need art matrials, paper, pens, paints and paint brushes and a jam jar with water!


Workshops are on:

Saturday 14th May 2022 at 1.30pm to 3.30pm


Saturday 21 May 2022 at 1.30pm to 3.30pm


Please contact Sophie to book your tickets. £35 per child, second child £20.


"I would recommend Saba's 'Super You!' Fantastic, inspirational, briilliant!". Malik, parent 



ArtEase delivers a life skills programme using visual art for young people at CAYSH

"Working with Saba was an incredible experience she brought together creative experiences with life skills to support and voice young peoples struggles...the art produced by our young people was beyond my expectations. It set the benchmark at a grand level. I would highly recommend working with Saba and look forward to more exciting possibilities". 

                                                                    Deandra CAYSH Life Skills Coordinator

ArtEase delivers smart art, lifeskills workshops for 18 to 25 year olds at CAYSH, a charity that supports young people who have found themselves homeless. Our confidence building, intelligent workshops, enable participants to explore, identity, body image, media and fashion, sleep hygiene, leadership, friendships and networks, ambitions and passions, healthy living, sport and fitness, landscape painting, portraiture, still-life and the lives and techniques of artists. They also learned how to frame and install their works at a final exhibition, where they also sold their art! The works are touring and exhibit in differnt locations.



Draw, paint and see life differently!

We are a caring, intelligent business with creative solutions to benefit you. Our value is in the transformative power of art and the creative mindful opportunities we bring you. Making art has positive effects on the brain. We want you to reclaim drawing, painting, sewing and much more through our ArtEase workshops for a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle.  



A mixed media workshop to give Carers a break on Carers Day

You will gain efficiency, sharper communication skills, stronger personal and working relationships, improved emotional intelligence and enhanced wellbeing. 


Encourage new ideas! Reward staff with a ArtEase still life class or workshop!    

Flower Talk (acrylic painting on paper) has been described as "breathtaking...ambrosia for the eyes".

Interested in ArtEase or a still life class? 


We would love to hear from you, email or telephone us on 0779695130 and we will develop ArtEase workshops just for you!



Buy Saba's paintings and drawings, to arrange a viewing or to buy a work, please telephone or email us.



Use ArtEase Consult for communiications and fundraising development!



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