ArtEase for children

ArtEase home and away!

We can give your children some fun and learning  art experiences at your home, childrens parties and public workshops!  If you are interested please register your interest with us and we will contact you with some workshop options you might like!


"Super You" at Central Redbridge Library

I didn't just like it I loved it!  - Muhammad (6 years old)


ArtEase with Confidence Kids Club, Young Minds, Pals, La Yoga, and Redbridge Central Library, held a Children's Wellbeing Workshop this February, for 5 to 11 year old's. ArtEase gave workshops called 'Super You! 

ArtEase Super You! Workshops for 4 to 12 year olds, contribute to good mental health by building self-esteem, confidence, and self-expression in children. Using  stories, popular culture and art, children identify their qualities and abilities - their super powers!  They make thrilling self-portraits  as super heroes and heroines with special powers. Children become aware of their strengths, taking this learning and confidence to other areas of their lives. 

Come to Super Peaceful You! Workshops at the Croydon Festival of Peace!

Super Peaceful You! by ArtEase (For 4 to 12 year old's)

Come to our fun workshop about peacefulness and happiness that improves children's mental health and helps them to relax! Using books, popular culture and art, children identify their peaceful qualities and what makes them happy. They make self-portraits with their  super, peaceful, qualities in places that make them happy, such as parks. Children gain confidence in managing their own happiness and wellbeing!